LucidControl Universal Serial Bus IO Devices in a Few words

USB IO Modules

Innovative USB IO Modules

The LucidControl USB IO Product Series should be considered as being a good option when automated processes are needed in a task.

The product collection comprises of efficient USB I/O Modules providing great abilities transforming a computer into a modular data acquisition and control platform.

The innovative USB Input Output modules are ideal in order to control power loads such as heaters, fans or even valves by capturing as well as producing analog and digital signals such as logic states, voltages.

Not only being ready for house applications, LucidControl USB Devices are also engineered to be able to accomplish plenty of significant criteria of professional automation projects like factory equipment control.

LucidControl USB I/O Units are portable plus are compatible various computer operating systems like Windows® and Linux. Due to the provided device driver, which is offered in recent operating systems, out of the box installation can be executed quite simply within minutes.

In addition, the Universal Bus IO Modules are suitable for the powerful RaspberryPias well as the TIs BeagleBone computer boards which are very popular nowadays. Employing these types of embedded computers helps to make the design of web and smartphone software easy.

All USB I/O Devices can easily be handled with the same easy to use application which makes working with the units very easy. When a computer accessed the device on its Universal Serial Bus interface launches instantly.

All LucidControl Modules can be controlled with the same user friendly application which makes working with these devices quite simple where it does not matter how many modules may be plugged into a specific computer system. SDKs ready for Python and Java® complete the program package and give entire usage of entirely all of these modules units.

The chance of attaching them on regular DIN-Rails is just one benefit pointed out here. This Specific attribute permits the inclusion of LucidControl IO Units into electric cabinets of an automation system.

The high quality modules come with professional I/O terminals. The possibility to add them into switchboards together with reliable connectors cause them to become the best choice for automation projects including also factory field.

Controlling, Logging and Data Capturing System

The usb relay module can be used for many applications. When analog or digital signals must be acquired or generated for example in the factory floor automation field, the modules can be used in order to control fans, lawn sprinklers or any other power loads.

The usability of the USB IO devices really makes it easy to develop for example switches or even considerably more tricky automation equipment that for example measure and log moisture and temperature.

LucidControl USB Units are also focused on energy management since having the ability to quantify environmental inputs including wind speed and humidity. By providing cycled outputs and standardized analog 0 to 10V signals, pumps, valves and mixers of a home heating system could be regulated depending on acquired temperatures.

In the DIY niche these reasonable USB I/O components enable you to regulate setting up for example unique lightning settings. Not to mention that all solutions are ready to be operated remotely through the Internet also with the help of mobile phones.

Once a LucidControl USB Device is attached to a computer system which itself is connected to the Internet there are actually almost no limits of possibilities.

Broad Range of USB Analog IO & USB Digital I/O

Beagle Bone Black

In order to make them as useful as feasible and also to manage most potential applications, it is our firms goal to manage a wide range of analog and digital signals with our USB IO Modules.

Appropriate for Raspberry Pi® and Beagle Bone Black devices

PC computer founded LucidControl IO units can be used with almost all computer systems operating with Microsoft Windows® and Linux.

In addition low-priced and computers like the RaspberryPi as well as the BBB, that provide USB interfaces, mouse, keyboard and display ports, are dedicated operating along with the USB modules.

Because of Linux operating system these micro-sized computer boards can handle countless jobs immediately. Tested and often free available programs as Internet servers and solid databases can make work incredibly easier.

Once a Web server had been installed, LucidControl is worldwide reachable with all its capabilities remotely stable by browsers. Observing and saving of collected process data as well as events is possible at minimum work by using a reliable data base like SQLite. Lots of already prepared example programs explain using LucidControl devices.

Software & Documentation

In order to make the setup of LucidControl IO devices very uncomplicated, a large and still growing software bundle is available.

The supplied documentation is very detailed and moreover offer along with the tutorials interesting facts like tips for different purposes.

The command line tool works together with all LucidControl USB I/O units and could be used for a first begin with the purpose to control and configure the I/O modules without the need for any single line of programming. Giving full access to the devices and being available for most major platforms without requiring set up, it saves development time and additionally boosts the time to enter the market.

Portable and web browser based applications can be programmed very fast and easy by using the console program. Application programming interfaces for several software development languages such as Java® and Python are also included.

Thanks to the detailed description, the USB modules are able to be included in other programming languages without trouble.

Our Support & Concept

Our firm not just a representative of the LucidControl USB I/O product collection, but the designer and furthermore manufacturer and we use them for our own tasks.

LucidControl aims to make the start into this control system as simple as possible but should there arise any problem, that cannot be fixed instantly, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Both, the hardware as well as the software are clear designed, extendable and follow a modular and consistent approach.

Tailored value-added modules could be realized by add on modules which do not touch the concept of LucidControl USB I/O units but can provide different or additional functionality.

Due to the adaptable and upgradeable firmware, functions can be implemented and changed in the field easily what saves your funding in the future.
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